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The Craft Beer Brewing Process


Crushing the grains enough to expose the starchy centre but not damaging the hull. The starch is converted to fermentable sugars during the mashing process.
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The freshly crushed grain is added to the strike water. Mash temperatures are critically important. Increasing & lowering the temperature of the mash allows the craft brewer to control what types of sugars are produced by the enzymes.


Lautering is the removal of the grain from the sugary solution that has been created during the mashing process, the liquid is now called wort. The mash is transferred to a vessel with a false bottom or the mash tun may have a false bottom built into it already.


The sweet wort that has been created during the mash is brought to a rolling boil. Boiling does more than sterilize the brew. Hops introduced to boiling water will begin to break down, or isomerize, molecularly altering the composition of the acids within the hops and releasing bitterness into the beer.


The boiling wort is cooled quickly to the correct fermentation temperature. At this stage the original gravity is recorded with a hydrometer, this will allow the craft brewer to monitor the fermentation and determine the alcohol volume of the fermented beer


Once the wort has been cooled, it is moved to a fermentation vesse. Next yeast is added immediately from when the yeast is added it gets to work eating the sugars that were created during the mash. As they consume the sugar, the yeast expels carbon dioxide and alcohol.


Once the yeast has consumed all the available sugars, primary fermentation is over.Once the yeast have worked their way through the off-flavors, it becomes dormant and begins to settle to the bottom of the fermentation vessel.


Two common methods are Bottle Conditioned or Force Carbonated. Bottle Conditioned can be the addition of further yeast or sugars to start secondary fermentation which in turn makes the beer fizzy. Force Carbonated is the addition of co2 during the bottling process.

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