Économusée Tours

Économusée – a concept developed in Quebec, Canada. Économusée brings artisans of all traditional crafts together in an extensive network.

The mission of the Économusée network is to promote and keep alive traditional crafts and knowledge, whilst ensuring economic growth within rural communities.

The network is designed for small industries specialising in arts, crafts and agri-food products. The industries are open to the public, offering an interactive, recreational and enriching experience.

Visit artisans of the Économusée network and learn about their history, traditional production techniques and contemporary products, stamped with identity and originality.

Discover Artisans at Work!

Four Generations and a Re-Generation

Situated not far from one of Northern Irelands greatest adventures- The Causeway Coastal Route

The Hilltown story began four generations ago. This 150 acre farmland is on a small settlement called Hillstown, where the Logan family have lived and worked for generations.

You might be surprised to find a thriving craft brewery tucked in behind the traditional farm house.  A brewery among the cattle sheds is an unusual pairing, but it’s the heart of what Hillstown Brewery is all about – creating craft beer that pairs with food.

A 6 Step Tour

The Logans from Hillstown Farm Shop & the Mitchells in-house home brew revolutionaries welcome you to Hillstown craft brewery.
 Watch artisans at work in the brewery and discover the different grains and hops used in each of the award-winning beers.
 Learn about the historic traditions and styles of brewing beer and find out how Hillstown Brewery have succeeded in establishing high levels of quality, consistency and innovation whilst expanding the minds of craft beer consumers.
 Experience the brewing process and meet the brewers to find out how they produce the wide range of Hillstown craft beers.
 Explore the farm and brewery to find out what inspired the Logan family and the Mitchells to start producing craft beer.
 Visit the farm shop and cafe to sample the wide array of local produce on offer.